Kernel driver

first post: RedDev wrote: Hello,I'm creating a driver to get SMBIOS info.I used CEDriverWiz t...

latest post: DJonesEmbedded wrote: That's great.Happy to help.David

USB Bulk Driver

first post: Adamczesku wrote: Hello,I am developing a Driver for my USB device (Bulk type) for Wi...

latest post: DJonesEmbedded wrote: You would be better off Cloning the Driver.This is simple if you us...

Windows Embedded Compact 7 and the Wizard

first post: DJonesEmbedded wrote: The Wizard currently targets Windows Embedded CE 6 up to R3.In WEC7...

First Full Release

first post: djonesembedded wrote: The first full release version 1.00 will be available on Wednesday ...

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